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Magazine – Art Assistant Editor – Summer 2021 and Beyond - INTERN – MINUMUM OF 10 HOURS/WEEK

Check with your internship coordinator BEFORE accepting this internship to determine how you might do this for credit.

Picture This Post magazine,, alerts time-strapped readers to cultural offerings that are the best match for their interests in art, books, dance, film, museums, music, theater, as well as travel with a focus on culture. We not only cover culture creators and venues with high name recognition, but also delight in helping to showcase bold, creative strokes by fledgling artists in all genres.
This unpaid internship is a volunteer position. You must make arrangements with your school for credit. We are ALL volunteers. See Intern vs. Volunteer.
*If this is an internship you must adhere to the parameters of hours/week set by your school.
Here is a link to the Picture This Post Art Section—where you click a picture to read a story. Keep clicking “Read More” to find earlier art stories in our magazine.
-You must either read a daily newspaper or 10+ articles/day in the free AP News App
- Commitment to fulfill tasks for all Picture This Post staff members—to remain in good standing. See Picture This Post Student Volunteers – Good Standing Commitments.

-Attend zoom training sessions on “Press Release to Previews” until both you and the editor-in-chief determine your training is sufficient for you to begin working autonomously.
-Read and study the Picture This Post Guidelines for Previews.
-Read and study all emails about preview edits that are sent to the Editorial Assistant Team—a de facto continuing education focus for all preview editors.
-You will attend zoom training sessions on related skills—layout and social media—or do self-study with instructional videos.
What You Will Do:
-You will master the Picture This Post use of inverse pyramid journalistic style to convert promotional press releases into easy-to-read, facts-only, short, précis articles;
-You will be responsible for publishing 2 – 10 short preview articles a week and using our automated systems to keep Art performance events up-to-date in the Readers’ Calendar.
-Over the course of your internship, your role will allow you to peruse many—perhaps hundreds—of press releases regarding Art events and news worldwide, as well as be a part of the team that identifies “Editor’s Top Picks.”
--You will do layouts for your preview articles—and if you enjoy it or want practice, you may opt to help with layouts of others’ previews.
--You will learn how to use the Picture This Post social media automation to publicize your previews on the Picture This Post social media pages.
-You will learn how to conduct professional communications necessary with PR agencies and similar related to your editorial assistant charter.
-You will commit to continuously study the Picture This Post Writers’ Guidlelines and do all the Volunteer in Good Standing tasks - - most of which are geared to keep the Guidelines in your front-of-mind.
-You will adhere to a regular weekly schedule of your choosing, and notify the editor-in-chief in as timely a manner as possible regarding needs to adjust the schedule for exams, travel, emergencies, etc.
-You can add on to your Art Assistant Editor role with other Picture This Post Jobs—your schedule permitting. The top recommendation is to also get training to be able to add on interviews with artists as standalone articles.
What You Will Learn:
You will be exposed to the global art scene.
You will learn about copyrights, attributions, fact vs. opinion, and hone your wordsmith skills.